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Pet Advice Categories

Accepting Second Opinions

  • We regularly have clients come to us seeking a second opinion on treatment.
  • We are more than happy to provide second opinions.
  • Please appreciate that we will need to get your pet’s previous medical records, which is necessary to get a full understanding of your pet’s medical history.

When we recommend a Referral to a Specialist

  • Some cases can be complicated and lay outside our areas of expertise which may require the input of a Specialist veterinary surgeon.
  • Specialist veterinary surgeons focus on a particular area of veterinary medicine.
  • If one of our vets thinks specialist input may be beneficial, they will discuss the possibility of a referral with you.
  • We comfortably discuss the possible use of specialists and associated benefits on the merits of each case.
  • If referral is agreed with you, then we will arrange an appointment directly with the specialist along with the necessary paperwork and supporting documentation.

Asking for a Second Opinion or Referral

  • We make every effort to pool our veterinary knowledge and the veterinary team discuss cases on regular rounds.
  • However, if you have any questions regarding the treatment plan for your loved one, in the first instance, please ask your vet.
  • If you would like a second opinion from one of another of our vets we will gladly do so.
  • Alternatively, you may want a second opinion from another practice for peace of mind or referral to a specialist.
  • Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally. Our primary goal is healthcare and the best interests of your pet.
  • The key to a successful treatment plan is communication between all. So please feel comfortable to discuss any aspects of your care including referrals or second opinions with us.