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Reporting a Lost or Found Pet

  • Call us on 020 8599 8544
  • Or email the details to us using this contact form. Make sure you include the following details:
    • Species
    • Breed
    • Description, include colour and if any distinctive markings, colours, collars etc
    • If microchipped
    • Where lost/found, include date
    • Your contact number, please note this will be posted onto the Animal Ark community website.

Things you can do if you have lost a pet

  • Contact your microchip company (if microchipped by us, call 084448241235).
  • Contact all of the local vets in the area.
  • Put up posters/signs in your area.
  • Ask friends and neighbours (quite often we hear of stories where pets have been using their neighbours for ‘bed & breakfast’).
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