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Nicola Young

Nicola Young


Nicola joined Animal Ark in 2007 after graduating with BSc in Veterinary Nursing.

In addition to her normal nursing duties, Nicola is responsible for our Hydrotherapy unit, providing rehabilitation for dogs and cats! She is also a Clinical Coach, mentoring trainee nurses who are going through formal training.

Nicola is a real animal lover and has a large amount of pets. She has a Shetland Pony called Toby, a Welsh Cob/Palomino cross called Robin, and a Freisian cross called Leon. Six cats – Jasper, Squish, Binx, Amber, Edward and Ashley. Three dogs – a Border Collie called Max, a Jack Russell called Stevie and a cross breed called Lucy adopted from Animal Ark. She also has two rats, a guinea pig, a parakeet and a rabbit called Sammy.