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The Art of Consulting


noun: to discuss something with someone, usually with an expert or professional, in order to seek advice

We believe a proper consultation is the key to good care, and that is why we:

  • carry out a full physical exam
  • listen to you and what you have got to say about your pet’s health
  • carry out the consultation in a relaxed atmosphere
  • allot 15 minutes consultation periods (some 50% more than industry standard)
  • use spacious rooms with lots of natural light
  • regularly use our toys
  • set a goal of letting you making informed decisions
  • spend as much time as is required to make sure both you and your pet’s needs are met

The exact length of the consultation will vary depending upon each circumstance. For example, a consultation involving a complicated skin condition may require a little longer than the standard allotted time. Alternatively, a less complicated condition that we are both familiar with may require less time.