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A Career as a Veterinary Receptionist

What does a Veterinary Receptionist do?

Being a Veterinary Receptionist is unique when compared to other reception roles.

The role goes beyond what you would normally expect of a ‘meet and greet’ receptionist. A big part of a veterinary receptionist’s role is to provide preventative healthcare advice and also medical advice under veterinary supervision.

Being a veterinary receptionist brings you into contact with many animals and their owners. It is unlikely your day will be boring with no two days the same.

Veterinary receptionists are an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team. They learn specialised skills needed in advising clients on preventative care, identifying medical emergencies, managing the appointment book and case load of the practice, and providing empathy and comfort in difficult times for pet owners. They make sure both the pet and owner have the best possible experience.

A day in the life of a veterinary receptionist

Veterinary Receptionists are truly a jack of all trades. Clients calling who are concerned about their pet who has just been vomiting, someone in the practice who needs to be comforted, clients coming in for their annual health check, and a dog who has kindly left a present in the middle of the waiting room floor. Quite a lot is going on at any one time.

Veterinary receptionists are a very important hub of information and communication for clients, especially around preventative health care and dietary advice.

In addition, their daily schedule includes cleaning, administrative tasks, ensuring owners are kept up to date with reminders, and closing down the reception area at the end of the day.

Receptionists are very much client focused but still get the added joy of spoiling pets with treats as they come through the door.

A veterinary receptionist is both rewarding and challenging. It is a caring profession which many people are drawn to which requires a great degree of empathy and understanding. It is about the veterinary receptionist putting them self in the shoes of the pet owner and saying ‘if this is me and my pet, what would I need’.

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