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A Career as a Veterinary Nurse

What is involved to being a Veterinary Nurse?

Veterinary nursing is a rewarding and challenging career.

The benefits are many. It is a hands on occupation that brings you into contact with many animals and their owners. It is unlikely your day will be dull, no day will ever be the same.

The animal community is fortunate enough that we have dedicated and committed individuals who not only give every effort to their jobs, but they also provide many hours of voluntary work raising orphaned and homeless animals.

Veterinary nurses are an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team. They learn specialised skills needed in caring for sick or injured animals during examination, diagnosis, treatment, surgery and inpatient care. Their personal skills encompass communication, empathy, adaptability, and an individual commitment to increasing their knowledge. They ‘keep the wheels turning’ in the practice.

Every Day is an Adventure

A cat has just been admitted with a blocked bladder, a dog has just been brought in after being hit by a car, and the waiting room is full of clients. Not only does the nurse assist the veterinarian in medical procedures and surgery, they also are a hub of information and communication for their clients.

In addition, their daily schedule includes cleaning, sterilising and preparing surgical instruments, monitoring the anaesthetic during operations, and giving medication and injections under veterinary supervision. They also may insert catheters for intravenous fluids, develop x-rays, and perform clerical duties and occasional receptionist work.

A passion for animals is a major attraction for potential candidates for the veterinary industry however new recruits find out soon that there are also a number of menial tasks that must be done each and every day, necessary for basic animal husbandry and maintaining a high level of hygiene. Even the most senior of nurses and veterinarians may need to lend a hand to cleaning kennels or picking up dog poo.

A veterinary nurse career is both rewarding and challenging. It involves a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is a caring profession which many people are drawn to with the ability to make a difference for pets and their families through the quality of nursing care and education provide to clients.

We are a registered Training Practice (TP). This means our nursing team is consistently involved in training, increasing skills and keeping up to date with best practice. The training not only builds the skills and qualifications of trainee nurses but also reinforces and updates the knowledge of qualified veterinary nurses as clinical assessors.

If you are interest in working with us, have a look at our current vacancies.

For more general information on veterinary nursing careers see the career advice sections at bvna.org.uk