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Step 7 to Good Health

“Peace of mind when you need it.”

  • Insurance provides cover for vet fees should your pet become ill or injured.
  • It involves the payment of monthly budgeted costs to an insurance company of your choice, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your pet can be afforded the best available treatment
  • As with other insurance policies, excess payments are involved.
  • The quality of cover (types of expenses and period of time) and amount of excess differs between insurance companies and policies within each insurance company so it is important to compare policies.
  • There are broadly three types of cover for a condition: time limited (eg 12 months for that condition) £ limited ( eg £6,000 per condition) or life cover (condition covered for the life of the pet).
  • Always check the policy and ask us for general advice.
  • See Pet Insurance Guide to find out more about the different types of pet insurance and what questions to ask.