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Re-homing Lola

Posted by Lyndon Basha in News | Article permalink on May 19 2015

I was previously a cat owner to a cat called Lacey. I adopted Lacey, as a rescue cat from the Celia Hammond Trust three years ago. Tragically and suddenly Lacey cat died of heart failure.

A few weeks later whilst i was at the Animal Ark, I found out through them,
that they had quite a few cats and kittens, that needed re-homing. I met a few cats and kittens that the Animal Ark brought out to show me. However the second I met Lola, I was mesmerised by her stunning unique colours. She looked like a cross between a tabby and a tortoiseshell breed. She had very pretty, innocent, shining bold eyes. She seemed very placid, when the staff took her out of her cage.

Lola jumped onto a chair, and I thought she was cute because, she had to attempt the jump, about three times before she perfected it. I thought the hesitancy about the jump, made her even more endearing.

I went away to think about it for a couple of days. I couldn’t get Lola out of my head. She had made a huge impression on me. I knew I wanted to give her a home. Lola had touched my heart.Lola is my adorable companion. Its nice to care for another cat that needed a home. She has given my life a positive focus. I love Lola very much. I still love Lacey, but there is enough room in my heart, that I now also love Lola. So happy I’ve found her.

If you could give one of our rescue animals a loving home please chat to one of the reception staff or call us on 020 8599 8544

3 comments on “Re-homing Lola

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  1. Janet knibbs on Aug 3 2015 at 19:52 said:

    I would thoroughly recommend re-homing a pet, we did last year as we had lost our beloved cat Sam in January. At the time both myself and my husband said we wouldn’t get another one as we were devastated over Sam’s death and didn’t want to put ourselves through the heartache again. A few months later however we both missed having an animal in the house and decided to give Animal Ark a call to see if they had any cats that needed a home. A few days later we met four beautiful cats and after spending time with them chose a gorgeous little black and white four year old girl called Smooshy Bell (now shortened to Belle).
    A year later and we couldn’t be happier with our wonderful pet, if anyone’s thinking of getting a pet, they really should consider adopting a rescue animal, you’re giving them a second chance and the love and happiness they deserve.
    I hope you and Lola have many years together, she’s a beautiful little girl just like our Belle and I’m sure she makes you as happy as Belle makes us xxx

  2. lisa on Jun 15 2015 at 21:48 said:

    What a lovely story such a wonderful thing your doing by rehoming Lola she’s adorable

    • Kate Copley on Jun 19 2015 at 20:57 said:

      Thank you lisa love kate and lola cat.xxxxxx