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Another of our Nurses Get Their Nursing Badge

Posted by Lyndon Basha in News | Article permalink on Mar 19 2015

Leanne with her 'finals' results.

Congratulations to Leanne Webster who successfully passed her final exams and is now a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

Effort and Commitment Rewarded

Being a Veterinary Nurse is a true ‘vocation’, a calling for many to be able to make a difference for pets and their families.

The journey to become a qualified veterinary nurse requires dedication and commitment, requiring considerable studies and practical training. Leanne has displayed this dedication and commitment to be rewarded with the qualifications she deserves.

Like many things in life, the journey to qualification is not a solo effort, and requires support from her colleagues and clinical coach. Well done to all those involved.

The Future

We are proud of our nursing team at Animal Ark.  We are proud of our history as a Training Practice for nurses and producing quality nurses that are highly regarded in the veterinary industry.

Leanne’s experience, formal training and passion means she can look forward to a healthy career as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with Animal Ark.

Well done!







One comment on “Another of our Nurses Get Their Nursing Badge

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  1. Sasha on Mar 27 2015 at 08:16 said:

    Congratulations Leane!!! You deserve it after the way you nursed my recovery after the traumatic dog attack. You really made me feel safe and cared for.
    Well done you will be a fantastic nurse. Love from Quosh Quosh McSean