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Fireworks – Tips & Tricks to Help Your Pet Cope

Posted by Lyndon Basha in News | Article permalink on Oct 30 2014

Fireworks can be stressful for pets.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your pet during the ‘silly season’.

Before Fireworks

  • Build a den / hiding place for your pet.
  • Update their information / tags so they are traceable if they run off.
  • Talks to us about using medication / supplements that can help them cope.

 On the Day

  • Walk your dog earlier in the day before fireworks are likely to start.
  • Make sure windows doors and catflaps are closed.
  • Provide extra litter trays for cats if they are not used to being indoors.

During the Display

  • Keep pets indoors when fireworks are likely to be going off.
  • At night close windows and curtains and put on music to muffle the Bang!
  • Ignore the fireworks yourself.
  • Play with a toy to try and keep them distracted but do not force the toy onto them.
  • Ignore unusual behaviour, give them affection but no more than usual.

Call us for advice on 02085998544. We are here to help. For medications / supplements to have best effect it is preferable to start a couple of days beforehand.