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Natural Therapy Crew

Becky Harman, Clinical Canine Massage DipCMP

Becky is our resident Clinical Canine Practitioner who provides massage treatments at Animal Ark.

Clinical Canine Massage is a natural, non-invasive therapy for dogs that aims to rehabilitate them from soft tissue injuries and support orthopaedic conditions, such as Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia, as well as general maintenance to improve muscular health.

From early childhood Becky has had dogs in the family, and after working with rescue dogs for a local charity she decided she wanted to pursue a career focussed on the care and rehabilitation of dogs. She was introduced to the Canine Massage Diploma through the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and there began her journey.

After 2 years and 800 hours of the study of Canine anatomy and physiology, as well as hands on learning and written and practical assessments, Becky qualified as a Clinical Canine Practitioner.

Becky is trained in the 4 disciplines of massage; Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release (direct and indirect), as well as in advanced palpation assessment techniques. She is a member of the professional body, The Canine Massage Guild, whereby she is required to complete Continuing Professional Development each year, to ensure safe practice and high standards are maintained.  She adheres to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Act 2015 by never working on an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval.

Becky believes that muscle therapy is a valuable part of a team approach when a dog has soft tissue injuries, recovering from orthopaedic surgery or is in need of general muscle maintenance.

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What people say about Becky:

Becky was fantastic with my ‘older’ boxer Izzy (she’s only 3!). She went from looking like an old dog when we were out on walks, to actually starting games with our younger boxer. They have so much fun together, she’s like her old self again. Thanks Becky

Becky is lovely and most importantly amazing with the dogs. I have a lively collie and Becky is really calm and patient with him. Becky is always happy to explain this to me and answer my questions. I was recommended Dog’s Life by a friend to help rehab my boy and it is all going well. I think Becky is going to be a regular visitor to our house to keep all of my dogs in top condition. My dogs are my world and I wouldn’t give out five stars easily!

My dog has greatly benefited from as well as really enjoying her sessions with you. She finds it easier to get up the stairs now and a big bonus is that, aged 12, the massage therapy has given her an energy boost. Our walks are now twice as long! I’ve been so impressed with your expertise, patience and your ability to communicate clearly the (rather complicated!) health issues you’ve been working on. Huge thanks!

A snake receiving Reiki

A snake receiving Reiki

Tim Clay, Reiki Master

Tim Clay is our resident Reiki therapist who carries out treatment sessions at Animal Ark.

Tim first became interested in energy healing while he was studying Tai Chi Chuan. On seeing the possibilities he decided to pursue it in more depth and studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, the most traditional form of Reiki. Tim completed his 3rd Degree or Master’s qualification in August 2015. He has subsequently also studied Shamanic Reiki and it was this that lead to him working with and treating animals.

Reiki is a popular treatment for humans but  Tim demonstrates  that  Reiki can also be used with animals, and animals tend to love it. Reiki can help animals in the same ways it helps humans: to balance and nourish the physical body, and to balance mental and emotional energy. Reiki is particularly effective in helping animals who have been traumatised, or who are experiencing physical or behavioural difficulties. It is also used to promote healing after surgery and other medical procedures.

What people say about Tim:

Tim’s ability to work with animals is truly magical – The first time he gave my rat Ash Reiki for his arthritis, I was amazed to see him settle down between Tim’s hands and close his eyes in utter bliss! Afterwards Ash was definitely more mobile and relaxed.  Ash continues to enjoy “top up” sessions with Tim, and eagerly lies down for his treatment every time. Thanks Tim!

Tim’s ability to calm and relax animals is really good. He held my royal python for around 10 minutes and she really seemed to calm down and chill out. She coiled in his hands and was happy to sit with him peacefully.   He was confident and gentle in his approach. Many thanks. H. Scragg.