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Posted by Lyndon Basha in News, Special Offers & Alerts | Article permalink on Mar 18 2020

With the latest circumstances surrounding Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are available for Video Consultations.

We continue to provide in-practice consultations for urgent and emergency care. Please call us on 02085998544. We continue to provide 24 Hour on-site care.  

What is a Video Consultation?

It is a video consultation with your vet, saving you the need to be come to the practice.

How Does it Work?

A video call works much the same way as a Facetime or Skype call.  However, you don’t need special software to make the call.

How do I Book a Video Consultation?

Use our book-online facility on our website. Select appointment type  ‘Video Consultation’. Upon making the appointment you will be sent a confirmation email with a link.

How do I join the Video Consultation?

When your appointment is due, click on the link provided in the email and our vet will join you as soon as they are available. Please note, the link will not be active until five minutes before your appointment time.

Do I need special equipment?

No, your mobile, pc or tablet device with internet access/camera is all that is needed.

How much does a Video Consultation cost?

The same as our normal in hours consultation fee, £21.40

Is it as good as a physical examination?

No. There are limitations on what we can do over video. However, in light of restrictions surrounding Coronavirus (Covid-19), this is an additional tool that helps our clients seek the veterinary care they need.

Can I get medication dispensed off the back of a Video Consultation?

Possibly. It depends upon several factors including

  • how long we have known your pet and when we last physically examined your pet
  • the symptoms your pet is displaying
  • how serious is the condition of your pet
  • the nature of the medication that could help
  • the potential side effects of that medication
  • ability/inability for our vets to be able to physically examine your pet

Why are you offering this service now?

The impact of Covid-19 has meant we are living in extraordinary times. Video Consultations are an additional tool to help us in these unusual times to help ensure pets get the care they need.

Can I just talk and not use video?

Sure. When entering the online room, just turn off your video via the button.