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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – We are Here For You & Your Pet

Posted by Lyndon Basha in News | Article permalink on Mar 18 2020


We are living in extraordinary times. Despite what is going on around us animals still need care. We also have a duty to balance that need with the need of our team’s health and the wider public.

Areas of Focus

With this in mind we are focusing our attention on the following three areas:

  • Social Distancing
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Practice Hygiene 

Additional Steps in Place

Additional steps put in place to help ensure we maintain a fit and healthy team to be able to continue to look after your pets. Please follow this advice.

  • Only one person/family member to bring in your pet (we understand there may be exceptional circumstances eg where someone requires physical assistance).
  • Do not recommend children attend.
  • Do not recommend those over 70 years of age attend (get a family member/friend to bring your pet in).
  • If using private transport (recommended), call us from your car upon arrival to let us know you have arrived, wait in the car and when we are ready to see you one of our team will come and collect you and your pet and take you straight into a consult room.
  • We have 10 consultation rooms in total. We will be using the larger consult rooms when available and will avoid using adjacent consult rooms when possible.
  • We will be limiting the number of team members who physically use each individual consult room during a consulting session. 
  • Waiting Room tea/coffee making facilities will be suspended.
  • Waiting Room seating will be spaced to promote social distancing.
  • We encourage you to use hand gels that are provided throughout the practice for public use.
  • For payments we will not be accepting Cash. Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card. 
  • If you have to admit your pet for hospital/inpatient treatment, we will not be accepting any inpatient items such as carriers, collars, leads, personal bedding etc. Take personal items home with you and bring them back when you return to collect.
  • If a pet comes from a household that has either self-isolated or confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19), then we will instigate barrier nursing procedures.
  • You will be asked at the time you make an appointment and also again at the time of the appointment, if  your pet is coming from a household with Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms. If so, we will ask to confirm if the latest Public Health England self-isolation rules been followed (at the time of writing 7 days for people living alone, 14 days for multi-person household). If these rules have not been followed then additional precautions will be taken – barrier nursing procedures will apply for the pet but entry into the practice will be denied to people going against self-isolation rules.
  • Introduction of Tele-Consultations. Where it is not possible/appropriate to physically attend the practice, we have set up a Tele-Medicine Consultation service. See link for further details.  

Personal & Practice Hygiene 

We hold our team to very high standards of hygiene which you would expect to find in a hospital environment such as ours. This including the fundamental basics of the regular washing of hands (still one of the best known methods of prevention). We have also implemented the following additional steps:

  • Reinforced social distancing among the team when in general staff areas. 
  • Introduced hourly sanitation of non-clinical hard surfaces such as computers, phones etc. 
  • We continue to provide regular updates among the team with the latest Public Health England and government guidance.
  • This is an evolving situation which is changing fast. We will continue to monitor, be guided by scientific facts and professional advice, and make the necessary changes as needed.


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