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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – Here for You

Posted by Lyndon Basha in News, Special Offers & Alerts | Article permalink on Mar 24 2020

Updated 27th March 2020

We continue to be here for clients and pets in need

In these extraordinary times, we have a responsibility to balance animal welfare needs with the welfare needs of the wider public. 

Our approach has taken into consideration the most recent guidance provided by the UK government, Public Health England and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.We also need to maintain a fit and healthy team to be available to continue to care for you and your pet for the foreseeable future.

At the Practice – for Urgent Cases and Emergencies

  • If you have an Urgent Case or Emergency please call us on 02085998544.
  • We continue to provide 24-Hour On-site Care & Emergency Services.
  • We continue to fulfill urgent prescriptions.
  • We will continue to fulfill food supplies, including prescription diets.
  • Steps have been put in place for the welfare of yourself  and our team. See ‘Guidance for Visiting Animal Ark’ below

Video Consultations – for non-urgent cases/urgent cases but cannot get to us

  • We have introduced Video-Consultations.
  • This is appropriate for non urgent cases.
  • For urgent cases call us. If due to your Covid-19 status and there is no alternative to get your pet to us, then we may use Video Consultation as an alternative.
  • See link for further details. 

Delivery – fulfillment of non urgent supplies including medication 

  • If you need supplies that are not urgent, then call us on 02085998544.
  • If appropriate to do so, we will arrange for your items to be posted to you. 

Revised Opening Hours 

  • In order to maintain a fit and healthy team it is necessary to reduce our standard hours as follows
    • Monday-Friday (9am-6pm)
    • Saturday (9am-5pm)
    • Sunday (10am-4pm)
  • Rest assured, outside of these times, we will continue to be available to provide 24-Hour On-site Care & Emergency Services.

Guidance for Visiting Animal Ark

We have a collective responsibility to human and animal health in these times. Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

  • Wait outside and telephone us on arrival (we recommend you stay in your vehicle if using personal transport). 
  • Your pet will be collected by a member of our team whilst you remain outside the premises. 
  • We will speak to you over the phone as we carry out the physical examination/consultation.
  • Treatment plans will be discussed and agreed with you over the phone.
  • Payment will be taken over the phone (we will not be accepting cash).
  • We will return your pet to you along with any necessary medication.    
  • If it has been agreed to admit your pet for hospital/inpatient treatment, we will not be accepting any inpatient items such as carriers, collars, leads, personal bedding etc. These will be returned to you, and you can bring them back at the time you come to collect (following the procedures above).
  • If a pet comes from a household that has either self-isolated or confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19), then we will instigate barrier nursing procedures. Please call us on 02085998544 and we will be able to advise on how your pet can receive the care they need.
  • For the collection of medication or food, call us upon arrival, we will finalise payment if not already completed, and your items will be brought outside to you. 

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